I made the espresso last night (or, the last bit of coffee), but it sat on the desk, undrank (not a word), and I wanted coffee this morning, so I went ahead and reheated the old coffee on the stove and turned it into hot, new coffee ;)

Delicious. That's something that can be done with instant coffee (in a pinch), is reheat the stuff. If you try that with traditionally brewed coffee, or French press coffee, you will either get something too bitter and tanic or it will burn out the bottom of a cookpot. This just tastes like fresh, instant coffee :P

Even though this stuff is potent, I will probably try to get in some sleep in a little bit here (I only got ~2.5 hours sleep last night).

By the by, olry.co (this blog) loaded slowly for me a couple times earlier today, so I went to the Terminal and SSH'd into the VPS, and I saw that there were zero(0) updates required of the server, so I guess that could be construed as a good sign? I know that there are always updates needed with the Thanx VPS, but that is mostly because it has all kinds of ish on it, and I messed with a lot of .config files, and probably broke a couple things along the way, and who knows what the hell all I have on there.

detailed dev

And also, it's worth noting, that nothing, literally zero things, are stopping me from doing any type of work on the Thanx project right Now, but I am not doing them for a number of reasons:

1) lack of proper sleep, and therefore lack of motivation

2) lack of abundant (high sugar) foods on-hand (I tend to consume a lot of food when I am digging into a web dev session, and those foods tend to be fruit (because vegetarian))

3)  lack of certainty for where to go, what to do next. I'm kinda "stuck" where I am with the project for the time being.

So, let's examine #3, shall we?

For #1, I can get more sleep, and will do so just as soon as the mattress arrives (tomorrow, Wednesday), and for #2, I can just go out and BUY more fruits, or whatever type of foods I choose to keep the brain fueled for dev sessions. But for #3, let's look at HOW and WHY I am stuck -

  • With Thanx, I have everything set up basically just how I want it, but, I am attempting to get messages from a /bio.php page to sync across (or POST to (using PHP here)) a (private) /profile.php page.
  • Anyone who has a link to this /bio.php page will see a message box, and enter a message, and click "Send Thanx!", and it would go basically nowhere - BUT, that SAME /bio.php page can be accessed in the form of /tmo, or /yourusername, or /member1, or whatever the case, and (hypothetically) post to ONLY that user's /profile.php page. This part (the unique naming of the /bio.php page) is already done after some tedious research and dev sessions that had me realize that is could be accomplished through use of the mod_rewrite method and changing the .htaccess config file, etc.
  • So, the unique URL is what lets the server know where to send that message (a message typed into the /tmo page would send the message to the profile for me ("tmo"), a message typed into /username would go to the profile page for "username", etc.
  • And currently, when a user is logged in to their /profile.php page, and they, themselves (in that same browser window, and under the same SESSION (PHP reference, again)) type a message into the box on bio.php, THEY can see that message show up (using the POST method) on their /profile.php page. At least momentarily. The second they close out of their /profile.php screen or/and logout of their profile altogether - that message is gone and lost forever.

The end goal is to do these things:

  • have the message that is typed into the /bio.php page (using the unique URL for that page (ex: /tmo)) go to THAT page, and STAY on that page. That is the long and short of it.

How this is accomplished, I do not know. Would I (somehow) set an id to the message upon clicking "Send Thanx!" in THAT particular instance? For example, a new id being applied each and every time the /tmo page is loaded up? And if I did apply an id there, would it (the message) then be (somehow) put into a db and then "retrieved" upon the user (e.g. /tmo) logging into their profile, and have that message waiting there for them?

It's convoluted. It seems like there is a MUCH easier way of doing what it is I am doing. LOL!

So, I am kinda looking for any type of documentation, any type of simple(r) method of getting a message (like, say a DM, or PM, or IM) from Point A to Point B. I think I am (probably) going about this in a more complex way than what is necessary (by using POST, and (possibly) applying id's, and (possibly) using a db "listener" to fetch id data from a db, and having it displayed on a profile page, blah, blah). Better/smarter people have approached this "thing" I am doing before, and there are cleaner (and better) answers to be had, but I have not found what it is I am looking for, yet.

This is where I am at, currently. There is an answer, there is a fix, and I will find it, but I am currently keeping my eyes peeled and my "Spidey Senses" activated to see if anything shows up, or/and if I get pointed in the proper direction.

In the words of cKy: "an answer can be found".