Been watching old content from the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN (by Cinemassacre)) on YouTube, which used to be DVD-exclusive content but has since found its way onto the Internet (by Cinemassacre, not like people are uploading this stuff on their own without permission). A lot of it is old "Nerd Room Tour" stuff, and "Making an AVGN Episode", and game collection videos and stuff like that. Fairly interesting.

I have always been a "fan" of AVGN (and I am comfortable saying "fan", because AVGN is a character, it's a series). It's just endless entertainment, as far as I am concerned. I mean it has gotten to a point where the episodes are not as funny than they once were - but that is the case with every character/show/series in nearly any medium, people get tired of it, the person portraying the character know that people are tired of it, and all the energy, enthusiasm, and comedic timing and whatnot is lost in the shuffle of things. And (to me) I don't actually see why people WANT to continue to get new Nerd episodes (other than some distant nostalgia factor). I mean, I, personally, would be totally ok (and would actually prefer) for the AVGN character to be "retired", and for the entire Cinemassacre team (including whoever is at ScreenWave, the promoter/distributer/whatever) to move onto other subjects (or continue with what they already make (a podcast, video reviews, nostalgia-centric content, and holiday specials)). Because at this point, it would be better to maintain a "legacy" of what AVGN was, and to "gracefully bow out" (like Motley Crue did when they retired (even though they came back, and will (unfortunately) "burn out" in the end, I think)).

It's kind of like Jackass The Movie, and then part 2, and then part 3, and now (apparently) there is (or will be) a "Jackass Forever" film that is sort of curtaining the franchise, because the Jackass crew are old, and they really can't do crazy shit like they used to, and it's basically just better for them to call it a day.

I mean, I am no one in this respect - I'm a guy who has been watching everything since 2010, purchased merch a couple times, and think very highly of Cinemassacre (well, I think highly of James Rolfe and Mike Mattei - I know little else about the rest of the people involved). And I will not lose any sleep if Cinemassacre et al. continue to make new Nerd content - it's their show. But in my eyes, the earlier stuff will always be significantly more funny/entertaining/informative, and just "driven", which is something that would be impossible to replicate/duplicate in future episodes. And I totally understand how it's "a business", and not some one-off point-and-shoot video series made in a bedroom,'s their bit.