Not necessarily old in age, but people who have been around for a while – they seem to be disappearing. From R.w.a I haven’t seen Inquiry or Dino in a while, Mike (mpmilestogo) doesn’t have anything on micro.blog or Blot (which he may just be doing maintenance, or at least I *hope* that is what is going on), and a whole host of other bloggers I used to read (from the mid-2000’s) are MIA, too (PopBytes, Celebrity Smack, ThighsWideShut), and…yea, people just move on to other things eventually, I guess.nnOf course this is OK – not *everyone* has to blog *all* the time, and after some years, or even a decade+ doing so, I can see wanting to take a break or just stopping the practice altogether.nnReaders come and go, correspondence with said readers or other “people of the Net” taper off over time, but I wish a lot more would stick with it (indefinitely, I suppose – because after a decade+ of writing, I would say they have *definitely* “stuck with it” for long enough, already). So, perhaps it is selfish of me?nnAnd others still, just pop in when they can, with varying degrees of frequency (like [Raam Dev](https://raamdev.com) or [Neil Fraser](https://neil.fraser.name) – both of which who have been at it for a while). I want to be in that category – where everything is just *there*, from years ago until recent, a big ass archive of my words. I couldn’t export anything from Blogger if I wanted to (from the *early* days of (my) blogging), and I also couldn’t export stuff from Tumblr, either, I don’t think (from the Tomskeedotcom bloggo). But everything is exportable (a word, surprisingly!) from Write.as, should I ever need/want to move to another platform (which I don’t see happening anytime soon). But, I want the *archives* of it all – words for my own reminiscing :)nnback later

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