Made the four+ hour trek here from STL (relatively uneventful trip). And then, I made it here and paid $23 (twenty three!) for a pack of Marlboro Reds! A bit pricey, eh? I had two and a nutrigrain bar of some kind, and that is it. I was starving. nnNow, I sit on some floor and wait for the B-19 Amtrak to get here (4:15 is departure). No big deal though. Luckily I found a nice spot to sit and I will not have a problem just vegging out here for the next four hours with music. That’s chilling. nnThen, I will arrive in Portland, OR. on May 2(!). Another LONG trek ahead of me. So I will have to take plenty of breaks along the way. Smokes breaks. Walking breaks. Etcetera. nnAmtrak travel is cool. Cities suck. But I am remaining positive. nnBy the by, what the HELL happened to Illinois?? Every single place we passed (Springfield, Normal (yes a city names Normal)), etc, was *devastated* in terms of…everything. It was like Appalachia, but more dense, and just terrible. Insane. The whole damn state was that way! Wow!nnOf course there are bright spots within the state, and I appreciate that, but that is nowhere near the Amtrak tracks, lol! nnNow, The Postal Service plays. And I feel pretty good. nnI can’t wait to make my way through…wherever. Ohio? Iowa? Wherever. I am assuming we will sort of go through Missouri somewhat again, but not all the way. Idk. It’s a straight shot to Portland after this, then I have a bus to catch to get to Eugene, OR. nnAnd, the headphones are 100% essential for this terminal, because each gate has little repeating robotic voices saying: Gate 19, Gate 19, Gate 19 – again and again. I am sure it is some sort of deterrent so no one just sits there, but why wouldn’t they want someone NEAR their gate? nnIt’s whatever. nnSo, Chicago. Yea. Wow. What a place (I guess). nnI’ll be outta here soon. nnBack later

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