The Amazon shipment shipped, and I will just go ahead and let y'all know that it is a backpack. Not a "high end" or fancy or interesting backpack, but something that will get the job done. It is just what I need for my...needs ;)

33 Liters, even though I initially wanted the 15 Liter varietal, but, the 33 Liter version was still avail for Same-Day Delivery, and that is more important. Plus, there will be plenty of room for the 30 degree sleeping bag in this pack (in it's "compression" pouch (which isn't a true compression pouch because it doesn't have straps, it is just a "stuff sack", so to speak)). The sleeping bag (yet to be used) is an REI Trailbreak bag, filled with synthetic insulation (not down feathers - good for a number of reasons).

So, the backpack, the sleeping bag, and other miscellany items will be talked about more later, but here is the clothing situation for the trip:

Not the clearest/brightest picture, but the photo was taken at 4:00 AM, so there was no natural light :/ (but no big deal). Here are the deets on what I will have in terms of clothing:

  • LL Bean jeans
  • Vuori shorts
  • LL Bean (thick) pocket t-shirt
  • North Face tank top
  • Fruit of the Loom v-neck t-shirt (black)
  • Under Armor boxer briefs (x2 (one red, one black))
  • black sock hat
  • (tucked away, not seen in photo) three quarter length spandex base layer pants
  • (tucked away, not seen in photo) GorTex gloves
  • Eddie Bauer technical fleece/hoodie
  • REI Co-Op hiker socks (x2)
  • dress longsleeve
  • punker/cadet hat
  • Columbia rain jacket

Plus what I am wearing - flexible "workpants", REI socks, New Balance shoes, white pocket tee, and I will also be sporting the technical fleece pictured above (the bright blue thing). I also have a pair of Xero sandals that are not pictured (IDK why?) but those are coming along, too.

Anyway, Now, I am having some nice coffee. Turned out just right, just hot enough. Soon, I will make my way to Great Clips and get my hair cut. Schnucks before that, because I need to use their ATM for Great Clips, because Great Clips tends to not like my debit card. Standard haircut, too - shaved at a #4 buzz on top, and a #1 buzz on the sides and back, all the up to the part line. Easy to manage stuff (and dapper as hell).

So that's all for now. Will write more soon.