I've spent enough time bxxxxing about my neighbor, and this neighborhood (the neighborhood complaints will certainly continue in the future - but not tonight, I promise). So, I will write about some happy/positive stuff.

I heard a funny song just now, called "Punk Rock Girl" by The Dead Milkmen, which had some hysterical lyrics. Reminds me of the song "Milkman" by...someone, that was a "hit" back in the day.

It's 11:20, and I just finished watching Let's Game It Out (a YouTube channel) where he tormented passengers in a train station (it's a video game channel, no one was actually hurt).

I also (just now) re-discovered the song "All This and More" by The Dead Boys, which I was looking for the other day, thinking the song was called "I wanna be a dead boy", because that is the chorus. Fun song.

So, on with more coffee.

Recently, I have been thinking about doing another issue of The Zine Around The Corner, because it has been a while since I have done an issue (the last was "the lo-fi issue" - issue. 7). I love making zines. They're fun, they pass the time, and I am proud of them. Having a zine, or a "per-zine" is something I would have never started if I had not left social media. Nor would I have started learning web development. Nor would I have taken it upon myself to exercise and lose weight (45 pounds lost so far in 2.5 years). So, I am glad I left that (social media) shit in the dust.

But the zine, I have to come up with some stuff that I have written recently that I find interesting, and compile what I have and design it and whatnot. That is how I "do" zines, I reverse-engineer what I have written, and just "compile" them into one, big, document. I write a bunch, so not everyone sees everything all the time (even for those who read, or try to read, every blog post - I don't know how many people do that, or even how many RSS readers I have, or what traffic is like for tmo.name nor do I have a good indication about that data for TMO on W.a). I am just glad some people read along, and that some reach out from time to time - nice.

And on the topic of habit formation (I didn't expect a parallel narrative for a simple blog post, but...), I was thinking about habits/hobbies earlier today, and how I could never sustain or derive benefit from them when I was a social media user. Everything thing I did, was just something else that I did, when I wasn't actively using a social network, even though I was thinking about social media crap when I was off doing those other things. Zines, web dev, exercise, (more) self-care, health, happiness, confidence, self-assurance: these were NOT things I had in my life before. I mean, prior to my time using socials (starting in 2009), I had a decent blog going, and also wrote for a bigger (more well-known) blog, as well as sort of just...lived my life. As usual. Socials definitely consumed me, fast - and that era was terrible, honestly.

But back to a more positive tone, I feel that I have sort of regained and renewed my "life's control", or the control of my life.

So, that is good. That is positive. Back soon.