I’m easy to please, easily amused, and have a low standard with some (most) things (which generally works out for me). I just walked to/from BP gas station, picked up a big bag of cheese Combo Pretzel snacks (with cracker, not pretzel), and a Mt Dew Live Wire, and I think I will be A-OK in terms of grub for the night. I have other things I have been munching off of for the past two(2!) days, but I definitely needed to change things up.nnTomorrow, when Schnucks and Dollar Tree open, I will go to those places and buy regular/standard grub.nnThank Dog for Craigslist sales!nnAnyway, it’s 8:30, and the day, itself, has been kinda/sorta standard. Listened to a lot of music before. Did laundry this AM. Fetched coffee from a neighbor (thank you, “S”), yada yadannback soon

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