![](https://i.snap.as/Z012Fo7D.jpg)nnI feel I’ve been goofing off (I *have* been!) quite a bit, and I need to be serious once in a blue moon when I write stuff. I mean, I don’t NEED to be – no one is keeping score or expecting jack sxxx from me, but I don’t *always* like to be a goofball.nnSo here’s some serious stuff:nnFirst, I snapped the photo above after snapping the sunrise photo this morning on my way to Schnucks. I actually told myself that I wasn’t going to concern myself with *any* blog posts today, because I was brain-fried last night from all the stuff I wrote (the “Heart-Shaped Box” interpretation post was a ringer, and it took a lot out of me). But then I woke up feeling fine and just wrote stuff, anyway. nnAnyway, the photo was uploaded to Snap.as right away, but I didn’t have a use for it (I thought it was a “bad” photo of a flower), but I’ll use it here, for whatever reason.nnSo, the serious stuff – apparently gas prices are now $6(+) in some places? That sucks. I only know this because YouTube News recommendations are flooding my feed with videos about a possible gas tax holiday. Ok, good. Honestly, no qualms with that whatsoever. I don’t drive (never did), but I generally rely on OTHER people to be able to drive, and to be able to AFFORD to drive, so less “pAiN aT tHe PuMp” would be a relief for all, I am sure.nnAlso, the U.S. economy is a hop, skip, and a jump away from a **recognized** recession (the actual “economy” has been in the depths of one since COVID began, but now that the brokers are seeing the pocketbook pinch, shit is Serious Business, now). They ought to really stop calling economics “economics”, and just call it “Market Studies”, because it’s honestly all that field ever covers or cares about.nnAnd I suppose BS hot take #3 is that Bitcoin is still crashing, to…*some*(?) level? I mean, if it goes down, does it mean that a Bitcoin is worth less in the denomination of Bitcoin? Is it worth less in USD? If the stuff is so revolutionary and tamper-proof, wouldn’t it be devoid of any type of economic (market) influence? I guess not. nnI wouldn’t want to own the stuff (or have any type of noticeable investment in it) I know that. There are a lot of “believers” out there that maxed out credit cards to go “all-in” on cryptocurrency (and “all-in” is the right term – because it IS a gamble). But yea, debt is debt. Getting out of it is like eating a pain-laced torture sandwich for however many years until one can dig themselves out of it. I know from CC debt, myself (which I used to purchase superfluous THINGS – more than I can say for whatever Bitcoin claims to be worth). So, RIP any fun I could have had 2015-2017.nnThere is exactly 500 words of whatever for ya. Hope you liked the read.nnback soon

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