I wrote out a short paragraph about starting the day about a half hour ago, and then deleted it, because I got consumed with having a pipe of Kentucky tobacco and a cup of black coffee. So, here I am a half hour later, writing out the *real* first blog post of the day. I just had a breakfast of bananas, and finished the bowl of Kentucky tobacco, and finished the black coffee, and now I start up my day proper with a tad bit of writing.nnNo clue on when (or what *time*) the desk will arrive. It is being delivered today though, so that’s a win. Can’t wait to get it. I won’t go on and on about that, though. I *will* have a new “desk setup” to share a tad bit later on, though (not that it will be anything special – just the laptop and a few other items on the thing). I am also pretty thrilled that I will have a “home office” (that is, my bedroom) to write and do web dev from. I always referred to the built-in desk in my kitchen/living room as a “writer’s nook”, which is basically what it is. Now with everything relocated into the bedroom, it will be more “nook-y”, lol! Always good to have a dedicated writer’s “den”, of sorts.nnSo, that’s about it for right now. Be back in a bit!

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