ok, post-walk coffee

Had a walk around The Port apartments. It's a 1/3-mile ish type of deal. Two laps would have been more ambitious, but...meh. I'll likely do two tomorrow. Perhaps more than once (so four laps in total).

So there's a sprinkling of cardio. Always like the walkabout. Or "puttering and swanning" as some Brits call it. Though I think that's more akin to city wandering than anything else.

And coffee has been poured. And I also had a shower. Feels good.

Laundry tomorrow (6:00 AM)

The sky is overcast, promising rain but considering we had the downpours the other day, it likely won't happen.

The zine has yet to be folded/stapled, but that will happen in time. The origami-like instructions either are incorrect, or my layout didn't work properly, or something? Or maybe I suck at following directions? Or all of the above?

Nothing else to say for now

back soon

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