ok, life stuff and times/dates for things

I scheduled with Call-A-Ride for next week. Wed, 9.7.2022, I will go to IC. I will have a three hour window there - arriving at 10:00 AM and departing from there at 12:30 (3.5 hours, actually). So I can get some stuff done there.

I originally scheduled for Tue, or tried to schedule for that day, but only Wed was open so I jumped on it.

All is good

I rescheduled therapy for this Tue, as it was for this Wed. So that will be cool.

I updated the Google Keep note on the phone to reflect the new time/date

I also called my caseworker to see what forms I need to sign for a thing I am doing with a housing manager. She (the caseworker) didn't call me back, yet. But soon here. I have everything I need scanned in and ready to go, I just need the caseworker's e-mail address to send her the stuff.

Iced coffee. It's a jam. Having some now :)

A workout night tonight. Resistance bands. Awesome.

Got a haircut, so here is a selfie

...been a while since I did a selfie, as I dislike selfies, and also do not post on social media, so they are generally worthless. But, there we go ;)

I like the haircut, sort of a fade/undercut blend. All works out.

I may be troubleshooting/BS'ing with the VPS today. Trying to figure out the npm thing. IDK, it may be unfixable without a full-on removal of the package.json folder(?), file(?), and then reinstalling said .json file an then reinstalling npm. It's what StackOverflow and other Q&A forums suggest, so...

Let's see

back later

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