(CW: some negativity and rants involved)

I know I am a late-night type of person, but I don't remember staying up this late when I have been this tired. I'm, like, conditioned to not sleep it has been so long since I've had decent rest. So, I'll have coffee and stay awake until I essentially "pass out". I have no idea when that will be (sunrise? Probably?), but when I DO sleep, I am guessing it will be for a longer duration than usual. I'll have to wait and see.

It's good coffee, nonetheless.

My neighbor has her TV c.r.a.n.k.e.d. to like 25, I can hear nearly every word of whatever show she is watching. And she has it like this every single day/night from 4:00 PM until 4:00 AM. 12 hours of television viewing this woman gets in daily. This is what insane people do. Not people who "had a hard life", or "went crazy" - I'm talking people who popped from their mothers a headcase who have no semblance of what a grip on reality looks like.


Anyhow, the coffee is about finished, and I am MORE awake now, so I'll just piss around on the Internet for a bit and find nothing to read nor watch online because the WWW has become a digital wasteland of hate, conspiracies, and doom-ridden self-loathing over the course of the past decade.

All of that sounds quite negative (obviously), but I'd imagine that's why some people, (SOME people - most don't) try to seek out small, edgy, indie corners of a/the sub-Web, as they can (and sometimes do) carve out a place for themselves and perhaps make some digital friends. It's what I try to do, anyway. Using the Main Web, or using popularized social networks and the "common areas" of the Internet is more or less just asking to be ridiculed, and there is virtually NO chance of corresponding in a meaningful/positive way with someone on the other end.

In fact, I'd say that negativity online (especially when people are expressing negativity directly towards one another online - which will likely never stop, unfortunately) is, in all likelihood, the #1 defining trait that all current and future generations will have to consolidate and cope with for the rest of time (as long as the WWW exists "for the rest of time"). It's like living in NYC x's 10,000 - a big congress of congested people vying for attention and vindication that results in notoriety and nepitism. The more centralized it (the Main Web) becomes, and the more passively people are of just "accepting" that "life just sucks" is like setting up humanity with the schematics for anxiety, depression, and mental health disorders until life is essentially intolerable. Basically, digitally induced psychosis. That has to be a real thing that exists by now in 2022 - I couldn't imagine it not being a real thing.

So, I did tack on a CW (Content Warning) at the beginning of this blog post, so I hope no one read it that...didn't feel like consuming some personal (my) views of the downfalls of the Internet. It's a legit concern I (and probably a lot of other people) have these days, though.

People are obsessed with the Internet

The Internet is inherently negative

People are obsessed with inherent negativity

Tell me why things aren't so peachy outside again?

back later (with a more optimistic outlook - hopefully)