The last post came off as a bit mean (and I’d agree, it was), but IDGAF about so and so’s comments on commenting – to each their own. nnMe? I’m still kind of excited about Remark.as coming up soon (sooner rather than later, hopefully), as having comments on this blog would be nice. Even if I don’t get many of them as is (which has to be done via e-mail form for the time being).nnAnyway, comments or no, I will keep up the updates (blog posts), because it’s all I ever really do. I tend to put a lot of emphasis and energy into writing these things out, but not any more than the amount of emphasis/energy I put into cooking a nice meal, or making a quick jaunt to the store for XYZ purchases. It’s just another thing I *do* at this point, but I care about it, and that’s all that matters.nnI hope everyone is doing well :)nnback later

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