ok, doc appt is on, ride arranged (or, confirmed), and other daily things

So, some notes:

  • I called my caseworker and confirmed she can take me to my Primary Care doc this afternoon, she left a Voicemail said that she will take me, and what time she'll be here
  • I sent a message through the MyChart app that my healthcare provider uses for the Urologist I saw on Aug, 1 and I requested both an After Visit Summary + Post-Visit Notes, which she had NOT put into the MyPatientChart "portal". First time a doc skipped that part. She summarized/clarified in a returning message, and now I know a few things:

A) it is NOT a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

B) the preceived thickening of the bladder wall was likely due to incomplete             distention (aka, the bladder was not 100% empty)

C) the follow-up procedure that she recommended I do (and I scheduled for)                 with a different Urologist was to confirm that there is NOT any abdormal                   appearance to the inner-bladder/bladder wall

  • These are good things to know (without "post-visit notes", I have NO IDEA how to recall specific details/jargon/etc. of what a medical specialist says/said in an appt). So I can bring this info to the Primary doc this afternoon and go from there

And also other things of the day:

  • I have to call Metro St Louis, and see if they received/reviewed my ADA form, and where I stand with that, and if they have, what I need to do
  • Then, arrange a ride to/from Independence Center for this upcoming Monday and Tuesday, and then twice-a-week rides every week after that

And also a second coffee is being had (one as I wrote that, and now another).

back soon

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