I swept the kitchen floors, then Swiffer mopped the kitchen floors, then Swiffer mopped the bathroom floor, then Clorox Wiped the bathtub, bathroom sink, toilet, mirror, and now all that is left to do is to Clorox Wipe down the vent in the bedroom. And then I am DONE!nnFun stuff ;)nnAt some point, I will Clorox Wipe the sliding glass door in the living room (during the day, so I can see what I am doing), and also the bedroom window (again, during the day).nnSo that takes care of that. Now, all I have to do is laundry at ~6:00 AM, and then shave, and then shower, and then be fresh and clean feeling on Xmas Eve. I am not going anywhere for Xmas Eve, though. Just staying here until 10:30 AM Xmas Day morning, and then heading to the ‘rents for the festivities. All should be good there.nnTime for (celebratory) coffee!

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