A tad more sleeping happened (after four cups of coffee, somehow), and now I am up and at 'em, starting the first official cup of coffee for the day, and keeping an eye on the sky to see if/when the freezing rain starts (which could be any minute now). I doubt we would go all the way to St Charles with weather like that looming, but, I guess we'll see.

Whenever this coffee is finished, I will make my way to BP, because I need smokes for if we go to St Charles, but also need soda in case I am rained in for the day. 25 degrees out, so the walk shouldn't be too miserable, haha.

OK, got the text that we are NOT going to St Charles today, due to the pending forecast, so I will simply get a couple things from BP, and then make my way home and stay put while the freezing rain falls (which will start after I get back, I hope).

Sucks, for sure. Would've been cool to have been there for my Great Nephew's 1st birthday (even though it official day is a couple days away), but, weather is gonna weather. What can you do?

back soon