odds, ends, budgetary finishing touches

Some things are due for renewal, namely thanx.cc, which expires today, actually, but I want to keep that domain, so I will renew it for two years tonight. There's a few days grace period with GoDaddy for renewals, so I am thankful for that. Eventually, I will transfer thanx.cc and tmo.name to DNSimple, but apparently it's not a one or two-click process - transferring a domain (to there) a whole ordeal. I will do the transfers next month, probably, and put out $30 per domain for the privilege to do so. I don't have a lot of experience with registrars, so I guess it's "normal" to pay for domains transfers, and little fees and shit like this? There's much better customer support than GoDaddy, and they don't sell off my data, or try to upsell me on Website builder bullshit, or rearrange the entirety of their service every other day (likely to trigger accidental clicks, because GoDaddy are scum). So, DNSimple was/is a good choice, overall.

It's a "dxxx in the dirt" type of month to do this type of stuff, too, because I have a $140 Ameren (electric) bill from my continually overheating apartment, so my budget is that much slimmer, and when the budget is slim, the last thing I want to deal with is costs of domain registrars and domain renewals and all types of petty shit I get into online.

ok, new approach

So, I went ahead and went to DNSimple and unsubscribed/deleted my acct. I can't swing it this month, and not anytime in the near future, really. I'll just do the bare minimum in terms of domain stuff, and renew thanx.cc for two years on GoDaddy, which will run $32, and be done with that, for now. I may revisit DNSimple, or some other registrar altogether. Doesn't matter.

I've heard nice things about Namecheap over the years, never looked into them.

Onto other things

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