So, I need a lamp for my bedroom, as there is no ceiling light in that room. So, I found a floor lamp from Wyze, and it is fairly affordable ($54), and very sleek and minimal looking, and I like it. And I was thinking: "hey, I should spring for a colorized "smart bulb", and join the 21st Century", until I realize (by reading through the FAQ for the lamp) that the ONE lightbulb that Wyze sells is NOT compatible with the ONE lamp that it sells.

Very odd, but ok

In fact, the Wyze lamp takes a propietary lightbulb in order to utilize the Bluetooth remote (included for free with the lamp), and also the propietary bulb (or, the entirety of the lamp) does not accept integrations (IFTTT, Alexa, Google Home, etc.). So, what I am getting is a "basic" lamp. I am buying THIS lamp (the (proprietary) Wyze lamp), but I cannot do what 99% of "smart" lamps can do. Eventually, I can swap out the lightbulb for something else, but it would then be a giant exposed lightbulb on the end, because their (again, propietary) lightbulb has the "cover", or "shade" built around the bulb, itself. It could be a gimmick to sell more bulbs? But that is silly to do, really. But, in the end, I would be ok with foregoing the Bluetooth "control" (a cheap dimmer knob), and using a GOOD, "smart" bulb with the thing, and not worrying about the appearance of it.

It's just weird that they (the lamp) does not accept integrations. Luckily, there is a physical ON/OFF switch built into the cord for the lamp, so it is not 100% reliant on the app (in fact, I doubt I would ever install the app - I would just plug it in, and turn the thing ON/OFF by my lightswitch which is routed to my wall outlet).