So, as I wrote in [this blog post]( here on (sub)TMO, I wasn’t 100% sure what was going on with (or the purpose of) the blog link list thing that is within (which that (new) feature was written about [here]( by the founder of, Matt). nnAnd it is sort going towards a “” thing (or sort of a “curated” type of feed reader within the W.a sphere). And I suggested in the comments on Micro Matt’s post, to be able to auto-link blogs I like or/and interact with on the regular from either *within* OR/AND *within*, what I am getting around to saying is, I wouldn’t want anything within W.a to become social network-like. Meaning I wouldn’t want a have a “friends” list, nor would I ever want to **see myself** on someone else’s “friends list” (in other words, I wouldn’t want to be “followed” (other than a simple RSS sub)), because that is where ego and insecurities and vanity and all the shitty flaws social media continues to propagate comes into play, and no one wants anything like that on a blogging platform (unless it is Tumblr, which is trash).nnAnyway, socializing online is great. With, it can be a good experience. But I would optimize for a dignified atmosphere, and self-governed (friendly) community therein, instead of anything else. That’s where ALL social networks fall down (at least ONE of the MANY ways they fail to…be good)., e-mail, blog comments – they’re great. Going too far beyond that is vanity territory, and is probably not needed. Anywhere.nnback later

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