No word on if this will be the case indefinitely, but for *this moment* it is working. So, that’s good.nnI have nothing (positive) to say tonight. I’ve been in an atrocious mood all day, and I don’t know why.nnMaybe starting out the day with a super charged Monster Energy was a bad idea? (In fact, I am sure that it was, as it is *always* a bad idea to drink energy drinks (for me)).nnI am much more akin to drinking just plain, black coffee, and sometimes soda. Soda may as well have *no* caffeine in it, as I rarely feel an effect unless it is a 1 Liter. Coffee definitely gives me a (positive) pick-me-up whenever I have it, even if it is just the single-scoop instant coffee I drink nowadays. I *used* to be pretty dogmatic about drinking dense, bold, thick, French press brewed Red Wagon Roast coffee by Boyd’s Coffee (which I haven’t bought in ages). Like, it is *all* I would drink, and it was a **heavy** roast to have several times a day. Like caffeinated tar, lol! A simple scoop of Schnucks instant is ginger beer compared to that!nnInstant coffee is so monumentally better, though. No clean up, no hassle, no mess, no bullshit. Just scoop, stir, drink. Finished.nnI guess that’s all I have to say. Seems like no amount of writing or typing or doing/saying anything is making any difference on my mood whatsoever. Just sitting in my little corner, hating the world.nnBack later

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