Just a shade before 8:00 AM here, and I am having espresso, and you know what feeling just washed over me? The feeling of how the Internet, and everything it offers, and what it is, and has been, is here *Right Now*! It’s already a thing we use, utilize, visit, and leverage to the human advantage – no one has to change a whole lot about *it*, though some people may benefit from changing their relationship *with* it.nnIt just *is*, and how it gets utilized is 100% up to the individual – no malevolent hand controlling this or that. Just human nature and our approach to computing. It’s really fascinating, awesome, and life-changing when used to the best of it’s abilities.nnThe espresso is divine. I took out the trash and breathed in the fresh Fall air, and the crispness of it, and witnessed the multi-colored leaves falling in the wind, and everything feels good today. A good day, indeed 🙂

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