now reading: Some Assembly Required

I came across an "e-book" that is published exclusively on Github called Some Assembly Required by a group called "Hack Club", and it describes (for beginners) the different elements of Assembly Language. From start to finish. Great stuff.

I took a lot of notes and put them in Standard Notes and a TextEdit file, and I will continue with the "book" later on tonight.

Neat stuff

I will likely attempt to try to do stuff with RISC-V, which is a core/basic version of Assembly Language, and is a bit less complex than versions of Assembly for say an x86 chip, or (below that) a 6502 chipset (which I think that one is (or was, or is - IDK) owned by Motorola). And as I see it, the type of Assembly Language used for a chip is the same name as the chip, itself. So, "x86 Assembly Language", or, "RISC-V Assembly Language" (though I have not heard of a dedicated RISC-V chip before, but, that's just me).

Therapy at 1:00 PM. Via Google Duo, or Chats, or Floofs, or whatever the fuck Google calls it's video conferencing application these days. LMAO!

Kinda/sorta under the weather, still. Sort of like my immune system isn't firing on all cylinders in some ways. Doubt it is COVID, and I HOPE it is NOT COVID, but I am without a test, so, IDK.

I had COVID as well as the Delta Variant some years back, and double-vaxxed/boosted, so...IDK


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