I've postponed the listening sesh for a while now, first with dinner, then phone calls, then rest (the gourney/table thing at the sonographer (sp?) seemed to have strained my back slightly and temporarily, but it is A-OK now). So, now it is time for music.

So, to the "techno-ish" playlist I go! Playing now, coupled with iced coffee :)

I really like the gapless playback with this device (the HELM Bolt). And I don't mean "lossless" (which has to do with bitrate, I think), I mean gapless, which means there is little to no pause in between songs on playlists. I certainly remember there being a (bigger) gap before I started using the HELM Bolt. The gapless element is important for albums such as Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral because there is a lot of "stuff" (music) going on in between songs, and going into the next song, and that is part of the presentation. So, it's important to not have big gap divides in between the tracks.

So, the writing is slow going, because I am engrossed in music right now.

back soon