Just some random Punk, Pop Punk, and other tunes I haven't heard in a little while. Paramore, Misfits, The Gits, etc. And coffee, of course.

It's just a night here. A night for music and caffeine ;) And tomorrow at around 1:00 I have to be ready to go to House Springs, Missouri, so I will attempt to get good sleep sometime tonight, but for now I am wide awake.

[ 25 minutes later ]

OK, so after zoning out to some early-90s Punk for a while, I listened to a bunch of songs off of David Bowie's Hunky Dory album, and read most of his official Wikipedia entry. Fascinating man, indeed.

Randomness, for sure

It's 10:30 now, and I am about to migrate the laptop scene into the kitchen desk/island, and cross my fingers that my insane neighbor below me doesn't howl like disturbed monkey for the next several hours. I almost welcome her turning her TV up to full volume at this point. It drowns out the near fatal battles she wages with her cat for 30 minutes at a time. Maniac.

Gotta say, I really dig the HELM Bolt. Not a very noticeable difference with the sound quality (I do not have "audiophile ears"), but it is enough to put my worries to rest in terms of having a "Placebo Effect" of sonic attributes. Basically, I knew I wanted to try/experiment with a dedicated amp/DAC with a proper set of headphones, and I am happy with the results, and of course the combo of HELM Bolt + TIN T2's completely decimates the Apple EarPods in terms of up front and obvious sound quality.

The next purchase I make in terms of audio setups, will (probably) be the Audio-Technica X77 over-the-ear headphones, or something close in that line up (which is the ATH series of cans). The look much more comfortable than the ATH-M30's I had (past tense), which I pitched a fair time ago because wearing them on my head was similar to that of clamping a vise on my cranium, and caused jaw spasms/headaches, and no matter how much I stretched them out, they just wouldn't loosen up in terms of tightness.

And in terms of audio components, I have no immediate plans to get anything beyond the HELM Bolt anytime soon. As I mentioned a couple times before, I tried to order the Schiit Modi 3 DAC + Schiit Vali 2 amplifier, but their checkout process on their site rejected my debit card, despite having adequate funds. So, I will possibly try to find something (or somethingS) similar in the future from another outlet, because Schiit products are sold exclusively at Schiit, I believe. And when I was considering the HELM Bolt, I had weighed the pros/cons of perhaps getting a FiiO Q3 DAC/amp, which is like a small external battery sized device, OR a "HIP DAC" (which I cannot remember the manufacturer of), and both of those items are similar in price (to each other, the HELM was/is cheaper, though), but opted for the HELM in the end, because the HELM is simply less of a hassle, no battery to charge, was MQA-ready, and is simply more minimal (no hesitation in bringing it with me wherever I may be using my headphones).

In terms of "rigs" (home speaker systems and the like), I am basically giving up trying to make that "a thing". I still have the Polk Audio TSi100 stand mount speakers, but the garbage (overheating, fire hazard) miniature amplifier I had paired with them (by NobSound/Douk Audio, whatever they officially call that company) got trashed some time ago, because the thing never officially shut off, unless I physically unplugged it, which always shot sparks from the wall outlet when I did so. And the Monoprice IIIP vacuum tube amp (my first dedicated amplifier) got tossed about a month after I moved into this apartment in late-2020. Two of the four tubes never fired up (ever), and the Bluetooth signal was not very clear, and despite my nightly efforts to removes the tube "cages" from around each tube, I could not get any of the screws or bars to budge whatsoever, because they were sodered shut. I had the proper/compatible tubes (in fact, better ones!) in a cart from some obscure site at one time, was excited to try "tube rolling", but I couldn't work with the device, at all :(

Hell, at one time I wanted to pick up an Audio-Technica LP...something or other turntable, or a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable, and go "all out" on a home audio system. But I am glad I didn't go head first into that investment, because having a vinyl record collection...no. That's not me. And I realize that I could go the vinyl route and simply use headphones with it, but it's more the fact that I would be sinking big money up front into a vinyl rig + the continued price of records, etc. etc. No thanks. Rewarding with a system like that, I am sure, but not my thing really.

back soon