I am having some nice coffee (not espresso) and feeling weird - most likely because I am not used to getting a proper night's sleep (+ a rest just a bit ago), so now the brain fog is clearing and I more or less feel discombobulated a little bit. Haha. But, no complaints, really.

So, as the mental fog clears up, I try to think of ish to write about and nothing in particular comes to mind. It's a day like any other day, or, a night like any other night, I should say. And I will likely keep myself stowed away in the bedroom at the writer's desk (as I call it), because my neighbor already has her TV cranked to high volume at 6:00 PM (now), and that fxxxer will go until 4:00 AM. I am not going to listen to muffled episodes of Golden Girls until that hour, so I will just stay in the bedroom where it is quiet/sane.

No promises, or even intentions, of working on Thanx tonight, because 90% of the time when I say I am going to work on it, I end up not doing so. One of those "anti-plans" mental ticks I have - if I plan to do it, chances are it doesn't get done. If I say "I am going to work on Thanx right now", then, I am simply stating what I am proactively DOING in that moment, and usually it is followed with a recap in blog form here. But planning, hustling, etc. - not my thing. I can't participate in that culture, because it is essentially burnout/dead end culture, and it takes the person nowhere either short term or long term. It just gives the person a (momentary) feeling of being busy (or, busywork), when nothing substantial ever actually gets done. Maybe that's why they call it "get shit done"? The stuff that is getting done is literally "shitty"/worthless stuff. LOL!

Anyway, my idea of a "to-do" list is more of a "get around to it, when I feel like it" list. And some things can be more time sensitive than others, and those things get done then, but for daily activities/goals, there essentially ARE none. And I am A-OK with that.

Writing usually happens, though. I tend to "get that done" (even though I think of it like breathing or eating at this point - essential).

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