Now, coffee. Coffee is Now.

The black clouds move in to the skies above Oakville. Thunder rumbles in the distance. A looming "it's coming" aura of promised rain consumes to the mind and awareness of all those venturing outside. And an aroma of distant condensation permeates the air throughout.

I make instant coffee, observing on the balcony as the weather changes. I considered going to Schnucks, getting a snack, and also visiting Neighbor "S", but I will wait until 6:00 PM, as I just did both of those things a couple hours ago.

Warm rains are the best weather, and I have believed this for the longest time. Torrential pours are better. The put me in an (imagined) mindset of being in a rain forest, as though I were standing balconyside at some cafe or residence near the Amazon or New Zealand. Why this is a good thing is right there - either one likes it or they don't.

So I'll have coffee in the now. Return to the balcony. Return to the fantasy.


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