Started dishes (I made a mess with the mushroom pasta earlier). And also, started coffee.nnAnd also, too, I visited an old YouTube channel I hadn’t thought of in a long time that I used to subscribe to, thinking: “no *way* this person still makes videos” (even though she was good at it), and, sure enough, she was still making *good* videos all these years later. I think I found the channel in 2015 or something, and one of the more recent videos was titled “celebrating 8 years on YouTube”, or something like that. It’s a rare feat, indeed, for someone to stick with YouTube for years on-end. I’d say most people don’t go past three(3) years, let alone 8, 10, 12+ years.nnI sort of feel the same way about blogging – that, despite how *often* someone makes a blog post, **sticking with it** is the name of the game (to me). I’m no special case, as I saw a wholesale (GOOD) opportunity to just ditch it altogether in 2011, when the $$$ dried up, and I could’ve just…done other things. But after six days away from it, I decided to start “again” on Tumblr, and see what came of what. Forever thankful that I did.nnAnyway, now it is time for coffee (too cool down, because it is boiling hot right now), and also time to clean up the apartment a bit.nnBack later

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