I have the last update on **TMO** about starting the day with writing, iced coffee, and photo uploads, and now I am updating an hour later (here, so as to not flood the R.w.a feed) after having breakfast (small Party Pizza) and just hammering text about…whatever.nnSo, it feels good to consolidate all the STUFF I have scattered about online. The *tmo snapping* blog, the updates over on ** every so often (the VPS for which will remain online until I find some cool software to replace it (on a different-but-similar VPS – still Linode, still the $5 per mo plan, but I will close out the ** server, itself, entirely)), etc.nnIt also feels good to not even have to look at the *Currently* blog I had here on W.a (which had been set to Private and Unlisted for months now – full of negativity. Fxxx that!).nnNow, my online outlets are:nn- [TMO]( [(sub)TMO]( [my]( [my Github](….and then I have a couple of other little/smaller spots I go from time to time ( and – which I read daily, but I only update my blogs there every so often).nnAll is good! Back soon!

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