4:45 AM, sitting here having coffee ☕ after a fresh shave , and feeling fresh and dapper as could be. I briefly considered keeping the mustache, and seeing how thick is grows nowadays, but it is probably the same thickness as it was several months back when I “tested the mustache waters” to see if I would start sporting one – decided not to. Maybe I will for a time from here on out, though? Would definitely *look* cool. nnNow it just has to grow in again, hahannI’m jealous of the big, ZZ Top style facial hair that some dudes can grow out. Having a gigantic, well-manicured, boss beard would look awesome, I think. Or even a Merle Allin (GG’s brother) thick as hell mustache would look pretty cool, I think. But, my mustache grows in sort of “regular”. Regular length, regular thickness – like that of a State Trooper or something. Not much “trimming” has to occur with it. nnChin/cheek hair? No. It grows in thin and sporadic, not good DNA for beards, or a goatee. Sideburns grow in plenty thick, but they’re the first thing to go when I shave. Vehemently dislike sideburns. nnAnd speaking of shaving, more Bic razors are coming in the mail today along with the Target order. I almost forgot. I think I only added them to the cart to get free shipping, but hey, what the hell?nnBack later

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