No plans until Dec. 17, when I have a nurse’s station appointment to get blood drawn to make sure my meds a working properly, aren’t messing with my liver/kidneys. Until then, I am home sweet home without much else to do.nnI won’t be *inside* that entire time, mind you, I will just not be doing anything special. The tobacco will arrive sometime soon (I hope), and the desk will arrive by next Wednesday (apparently), so, that’s good! nnDec. 19 we have the P Family Xmas, and then an O’Family Xmas after that (the latter of which I am not going to – too crowded). And then, Xmas Day, itself! Not expecting too many fantastical things to occur on that day, but it will be nice to eat some good food, socialize, and just hang out for the majority of the day, for sure.nnMy Xmas Tobacco Blends of 2021 will be John Cotton Double-pressed Kentucky (as that is one of the blends arriving soon), plus my usual Virginia/Perique blend. I consider all the tobacco pipe gear I ordered in December to be Xmas gifts for/to myself, as there are things besides just tobacco blends in there (such as the Dr Grabow pipe, tobacco pouch, pipe rack, etc.). As for the Presbyterian Mixture and the Paladin Black Cherry blends (which I always have every autumn), they are already gone! LOL! I had them during October and November, respectively, so now it is on to a *different* cold weather/Xmas blend – Kentucky leaf! Looking forward to (hopefully) enjoying it with snow on the ground. We’ll see what the #stlwx does.nnBe back soon

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