I added some Memo Pad notebooks to an Amazon cart (Amazon sucks, yes, but fuck it I need to use it sometimes)

They are 3 x 5, spiral, and they have an upper ridge, and don't turn "sideways" but flip UP like some oldschool journalist thing-a-ma-bob

I need them (or at least one at any given time) for IC. I seem to find myself needing to take a few notes here and there, and it will be easy to have one on hand.

For now, I tore out five+ pages from a LARGE Mead notebook and put the sheets in the Orientation folder that IC gives new members. I use that folder as a pack frame for my frame-less backpack. It's a pack that can be compressed into it's own inner pouch, and I bought it for the trip out West, and it still serves me dutifully to this day :)

A pen got put in the side pouch of said pack

I haven't delved deep into pens/notebook/etc., because I fail to see a point in that.

Cross pens, or the Lechturn 1917 (is what it is called?) notebooks/pens/whatever, or any of the other plethora of note-taking utensils that all accomplish the same shit: write stuff down

I generally use a notebook from Dollar Tree, but I need a package of these spiral notebooks, so I added a 24 pack of them to my Amazon cart, ordering soon.  I DO stick with the V7 pens for writing, though. They are avail most places, but not Dollar Tree. Smooth as can be.

I also organized the pack a bit. Put the HELM Bolt amp/DAC USB dongle into the outer pocket of the pack, for quick use to/from IC when I use it with my headphones on the ride. I haven't done so yet, but will eventually, I am sure.

A face mask got jammed into the outer water bottle pouch, along with the pen. Again, quick access if I need it (though the pandy almost be over (I guess?)).

I keep the middle pouch of the pack full of nicotine gum, and a Bic lighter, and a First Aid Kit - because smart.

The only thing that has to be repacked each trip is my cadet hat and my water bottle. The rest is always there. Added Old Spice Original deodorant to the pack as a permanent fixture, too, because I don't want to be caught smelling like shit in the sun without a way to fix that, haha.

Easy shit.

I cannot have my pack weighing me down throughout the day, because it generally stays on me in between tasks, and sometimes during a task, and I can't have a laptop and heavy items weighing me down when I am moving around. I take the pack off when I arrive at a duty, but sometimes it is on my person. So I keep everything as light as a feather.

I doubt the laptop will ever go with me to IC. No need for it.

Though a USB-C charger will be added to the list in time. I currently have the MBA cable and the phone cable, and that is all. I need a dedicated one for the pack.

Oh shit, and ID tag for inside the pack - now we're thinking!


back soon

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