…I had to sharenn![]( crypto is crashing. Like, Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies are crashing at the moment (probably in real-time, as I write this). A couple blogs I follow in the “Maker” space (meaning like, digital nomads, people with indie web dev projects, etc.) are blogging about their losses (which are not major for them, because they are not “Bitcoin Bros”), and a handful of memes got shared, and the one above got me rolling. LMAO!nnIt’s essentially how I view every stay-at-home Bitcoin enthusiast, who doesn’t do much else other than hoard and “hodl” Bitcoin, and makes it their life mission to pump that sxxx down everyone else’s throats about how they will be the family’s first millionaire.nnPatheticnnStill, better than going a “traditional” route and accumulating tens of thousands in student loan debt and burning one’s future to the ground for the sake of “a college degree”. Ridiculous.nnback soon

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