I got up at 3:20, it is 3:50 now. I had coffee and clicked around online a bit. And while clicking around, I stopped by YouTube (of course), and happened to remember a vlog channel I used to watch by a lady named “Taylor R”, which I had not seen in many months. The most recent video was of her bringing home her newborn, which was a very **well made** video to begin with, let alone some wholesome content. SO many videos on YT are slapped together, but others prioritize that sxxx and make well-edited videos even though other things are going on – like taking care of a newborn.nnBut, in the video, it was genuine vlog-style, in that it was very **honest** and **transparent**, and whatever smol regrets I may have felt about “over”sharing stuff about my life on this *blog* (def not vlog), **TMO**, or whatever apprehension I may have in the future, I remember that this “oversharing” is a thing that some people just DO on the WWW, and everything is ok with that.nnJust a good reminder, is allnnback soon

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