…but that is likely to change tonight. Today, I just iced my leg, and tried to stay off of it. Tonight, I will be up late (likely *all* night) writing, drinking coffee, BS’ing online.nnThis is very nice coffeennI’m feeling more focused than ever lately. Probably due to the WiFi connectivity fiasco, and also being in a good place when it comes to progress with web dev, and right at that time, having the crisis/opportunity to clear out some digital clutter, free up some mental “headspace”, and just realign my priorities and objectives in terms of “what the hell is it that I am doing on a day to day basis?” Long story short, I see where I’m at, see where I am going (mostly), and feel more **confident** about my position with it all.nnJust a humble micro-reset, a step back, a chance to look at things from the “bird’s eye” perspective, and still come out the other side confident and encouraged with what’s what. That’s all.nnThis coffee was tasty. Feelin’ good! Back later!

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