I finished laundry, then I a cheese sandwich for breakfast, which I immediately threw up, because I am pretty sure there is something wrong, or “bad” with that cheese, so I am throwing the remainder of the slices away (Kraft Singles, wtf?). Then, when my stomach felt better, I went over to the laundromat *again* to fetch a soda from the vending machine. nnThere is a chance of a hike down to Cliff Cave Park today, but I don’t know if I will do so? We’ll see. 61 degrees outside, so I don’t really see why not. It’s quite possible.nnHere, nothing is happening. It’s high noon, it is sunny as could be. I just found out my cousin is pregnant (hooray!), and I had a quick Google Duo call with my Great Nephew (or, a call with the moms, and she put the camera on my Great Nephew as he walked around the house having apple juice out of a bottle). nnA hike would be nice. I may do so.nnback laternn

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