I slept for maybe two hours (midnight til 2:00), and I am not well-rested at all, but I cannot go back to sleep, so awake I am. With coffee.nnThe tobacco order is in transit…*somewhere*. Who knows if it is going to make it to my local post office by sunrise. Luckily, I still have cigarettes. But cigarettes are fxxxing gross, so the sooner the pipe tobacco arrives, the better.nnIn all likelihood, I will make a big tobacco purchase next month (several different blends, as well as the usual bulk order of VA/Per tobacco). But as far as January 2022 budget, I haven’t even looked at what my costs/expenses are. I know that at some point *this* month, I need to replace my debit card. I don’t know when exactly I’ll do this, but very soon. Perhaps tomorrow I will order one? Simply because A) mine will expire soon enough, and B) my debit card is *always* getting flagged as a pre-paid debit card, and that is incredibly annoying, and prevents me from making essential purchases online sometimes. The sooner I can prevent this from happening (that is, prevent the card from being flagged), the sooner I can manually do direct deposits from *that* card onto a Revolut Card, and have a backup banking option, and that will open a couple doors for me. Revolut is more generous in a number of ways than my current bank is (Revolut has less fees and whatnot). nnI need to work on the budget tonight, though. After I finish this coffee.nnBack later

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