For a total of about 1 hr 45 mins this evening I tried (like hell) to get the Chromecast (w/ Google TV) to work without a dedicated WiFi network, and it cannot work without one. Which renders the device useless (for now) until I get a Cricket Wireless Mobile Hotspot. My phone (which is an unlocked, BYOD (Moto G7 Power)) doesn’t work with Cricket’s Hotspot feature (they have no problem taking my money for it in my data plan, though). Instead I need their own proprietary version of Moto G7 Power called the Moto G7 Supra. Insane. nn**But what about proxies?**nnThere *is* the option to manually configure Proxy settings on the Chromecast, and I launched PDAnet+, and set the Proxy settings to the right…number (IDK what the number represents?), and also the correct port (8000), but, that is a no-go, as well. PDAnet TELLS you, up front, that the app is designed for use with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS/iPadOS, and ChromeOS, and that by using the Proxy settings for a separate device (such as Chromecast) is “experimental”, and that it may not work. So good on them for being upfront and honest, anyway. The app (PDAnet) still works with the MacBook (of course, that is how I’m putting this post online), but Chromecast has some sort of special rules, I guess.nnBut, I tried my best.nnAnyway, I will use the MacBook connected via HDMI/USB-C with the new TV (for now). And I will get a Cricket Mobile Hotspot in February, I guess. It will be another $30 per month (because the Mobile Hotspot will run $60, and I’ll downgrade my phone data plan to $30 from $60 – so, a little switcharoo there, but it all works out the same financially in the end).nnAs for the TV stand, I have NO clue if it even left a/the warehouse, yet. FedEx has a non-working tracking number (or Wayfair sent me an inactive one, or something), but Wayfair claims it left the FedEx warehouse and to check XYZ tracking #, and FedEx doesn’t recognize it, but Wayfair *still* claims it arrives tomorrow. …OK. I’ll take their word for it.nnSo anyway, onward and upward with the night. I still really am glad I got the TV, and the Chromecast, in the past week, and I will get everything working smoothly in due time. And that will be awesome. I am not setting up the Nintendo Wii (with Twilight Princess (wow!)) until I get the TV console, because I have enough stuff splayed out on the floor of my living room as is. nnHope everyone is doing well 🙂

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