I don’t know what I pressed, but the “noontime coffee” post I wrote a second ago Published before I was done with it, so I deleted it and am starting over. Luckily it was but a paragraph.nnSo, I am sitting here (with coffee) and thinking about the difference between a (seemingly) 24/7 social creature, who updates a/their status at any given moment, and someone who maintains a journal (or log). Both can be done in conjunction with one another (I did so for years), but it is far more difficult (to write longform) that way, I find, because the brain will always default to the rule of “work vs reward”, and opt for the easier route in terms of hammering out some text, and *usually* go with a status update over a fully fleshed out journal entry (or blog post) which sometimes has no reward affiliated with it at all in terms of eNgAgEmEnT. Some people write out Twitter threads, or Mastodon threads, and they *say* it is for *this* reason or *that*, but really, they just need to the dopamine kick of Getting Those Likes(TM) – because otherwise, they can just write out a blog post. Why *wouldn’t* they write one out? There’s also newsletters, and those never get maintained (in my experience), either, because again, people can’t manifest any type of mental vindication for having written such a post (AKA, no “Likes”). So, I stopped subscribing to newsletters a *looong* time ago – they’re useless.nnAnyhow, I didn’t mean for this entry to be a big “anti-like” post (haha), just wanted to share a quick thought about how blogging/logging/journaling usually (almost always) revolves around an act of no frills, done-for-myself type of mindset. There *are* “stats” on (which are superfluous to me, I barely ever check them) but what (the hell) *is* a “read”, anyway? Someone landed on that page? Someone read the entirety of the post? Who cares? nnNot sure where I was going with this or where it went. But there it is ;)nnBack later

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