So, I just walked in from Cliff Cave Park, and it was a great hike (the first since October!). The wind chill is in the 20's, but the temp is ~32 (and sunny). Very nice hike.

So, this was my first attempt at a geocache, and when I got close to where the cache was (which was down a primitive trail hill, just above the cave at Cliff Cave) the geocaching application said I needed a Premium membership in order to view the exact coordinates + details of that particular cache. I viewed it on the Web last night, so I knew roughly where it would be, and knew the descriptor of it, but, no exact details, so, it was a no-go - I didn't find it. Not that it was any fault of my own, I simply didn't have the coordinates. But that is OK. I will go Premium in February and give it another go (+ maybe another cache at Cliff Cave, as well).

The hike was wonderful. And the aforementioned primitive trail that I went on today I had not been on before, because I didn't know if it was completed or not, but it was, and turned out to be a great shortcut for when I walk down to the Mississippi River :) It came out past the bridge that goes over Cliff Cave Road, so, it basically skips the entirety of the huge (paved) switchback. Nice!

I basically consider this trip a "reconnaissance" mission (lol) to see what that trail was like, where things could be, and to test out the Geocaching app (and map) in the wild :)

Good time. ~3 miles hiked, in total.

Back soon