(non) breaking news: addictive behavior declines in "fun" over time [back to your regular bloggramming]

So, I like the Initial Charge blog I have in my RSS feed - good articles linked for the most part, and nice (personal) commentary on tech-oriented stuff. And he, "MR", linked a post generically titled Instagram is dead, where it refers to Instagram being "QVC 2.0" (which was/is like a home shopping network type of deal on television).

And I found this "of note" in the article from OM.co (the screenshot below is literally a copy/paste/highlight job from me, because when I tried to highlight/screenshot the text within the article, itself, I was "link-blocked" by a pop-up to "share via Twitter/e-mail".) ::sigh:::

... my perception/translation: A) yes, Instagram is a business, and making money is important to any business, B) the "addiction", itself IS "the monster", and that lies entirely within the individual using the service.

So, people chirp and opine on the Internet in some fledgling attempt to...convince Instagram to not make the most money as it can? Convince other people to not use the service? Or perhaps just a sharp observance of how the quality of the Instagram experience has declined?

The service, itself just grew larger, and found more ways to monetize, as square photos with retro filters and no ads was a bunk way to turn a profit. What and HOW (and how much) people use the application is entirely on their (the individual's) shoulders.

So, yea, I agree - Instagram is "dead" and it sucks. Not because it is QVC 2.0 or some ad-heavy influencer shop. It's because it's manically addictive and people won't stop checking it multiple times a day, daily, unless they are otherwise nose-deep in TikTok, or whatever else they spend time on.

Anyway, that's my BS "retort" to something that needn't have my "retort" on.

Have a nice day, and I will see you soon :)

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