I just thought of a brilliant analogy for my life (or my reality) from 1998-2005 (roughly ages 15-21), and that is: I was living in a “noise-cancelling life”, or in a bubble, sort of.nnImagine you live a normal, regular, day-in/day-out sort of life, and things are “OK”, but *really* boring, and there is an underlying tendency for self-destructive behaviors within you, then, you get introduced to hallucinogenic drugs (particularly LSD, but also marijuana (a mild hallucinogen) and other drugs that make the mind wander) – and all of a sudden, **I**, me, and me and my friends, we could all live in a sort of “fast-paced bubble” with the ethos of “live fast, die young”, “be wild and free forever”, that sort of thing.nnBut what is really happening, is I was putting on “noise-cancelling” (or REALITY-cancelling) headphones for those years. Why pay attention to what is *actually* happening, or deal with other people’s (sometimes shitty) realities, when I have all this *awesome* music playing, this own “**world**” to live in, that is only for myself and my friends?nnBut one day (or one week – whenever it happened), the music stops. And you just have the noise-cancelling functionality left. So even though things *are* happening, and the world *is* changing, and you can SEE, WITNESS, OBSERVE, and *sort of* understand all the things around you – the noise-cancelling element (or, in this case, my own psyche) was actively cancelling-out the realities and significant happenings in the world. And there is no longer music to distract (or amuse) yourself with. nn**So how does one consolidate that?**nnI had to start paying attention, learning, adapting, figuring out what people were talking about/doing/saying, and seeing **why** certain things mattered, why they had relevance, and what was genuinely **important** and what was not as significant – sort of like re-learning (a) reality.nnAt least that’s what happened with me. Wild to think about, sometimes.

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