God must hate my soul, because not only is the tobacco delivery late (going on a week since it was *supposed* to be delivered), but now the WiFi just flat-out won’t turn on on my MacBook Air. Of course this decimates any resale value of the thing, so I would have to get it repaired. That, or be plum out of $855. nnI’m am pissed as could be with Apple products. They *always* fail miserably within the year, and it’s no wonder that they do not have upgrade capabilities – because the rest of the machine is fried by the time you could upgrade it! nnIf WiFi doesn’t fix itself within a week of this writing, I’m gonna get it repaired and then SOLD as soon as humanly possible. I’ve done this back and forth, song and dance for fxxx knows how long. nnI don’t even care what computer replaces it. Maybe I’ll use the $$$ from it’s sale to build a Linux desktop? IDK. IDC. nnI know that hammering out text on a smartphone keyboard (though novel and convenient if done on the fly) is *nothing* like using a physical keyboard. But then again, maybe this is some strange way of me realizing that I need to end the dependency on computers altogether? Just use a phone (with a proper stand) and go at it that way? nnBack later

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