95% of the time when I open a text editor, I have no idea what I am going to write. Like how Bukowski said “don’t do it!” in regards to not even *attempting* to write if the words are not about to jump from your fingertips – yea, the opposite of that. I basically think of stuff to write and then figure out how the sentence will end right around the time I should be ending a sentence. I probably *think* in sentences at this point in my life. Sometimes I have an idea, or concept I wish to convey, so I figure out the best way to write that (that I am capable of, at the time) and do that, but, usually it is just a vague congregation of thoughts/words in my mind, and I more or less hammer them together when I am constructing a paragraph. I also edit as I go, and most things I hit “Publish” on, have already been quickly proofread/edited by the time I press the button. Editing as I go is a very convoluted (and inefficient?) way of doing things (as many have suggested), but, it’s literally the *only* way I can put together 5-10 blog posts per day at 500+ words each and not have it look like a typo-filled mess of gibberish.nnEditing a word document after the fact is abysmal, too (in my opinion). Like, if I write 1,000 words and can’t edit the shit as I am writing it, making the words play nice together, and making sure it doesn’t appear as though it was strung together by a 5-year-old, then why bother at all?nnKind of a perfect irony that a person (such as myself) who puts the most (passive, unimportant, fast-thinking) bullshit onto the Internet, is also the same person (again, me) who is the most perfectionist when it comes to how things get pieced together. I generally try to take good care of what my words mean, and the meaning *behind* them, but outside of just “written-emphasis” (not just *italics* or **bold** – but innuendo), there isn’t a bunch of stuff I put too much thought behind. A well-written word is, in fact, sacred (I think), but no one can edit a document to either perfection nor sacred status.nnAnd one last thing (not that it is being solicited, by anyone) – fast and fluid writing brings forth truth and honest insight. Anything less is a technical document.nnThanx for reading :)nnback soon

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