I don’t know why, but I all of a sudden had the song “No Surprises” by Radiohead stuck in my head. It is off the *OK Computer* album, and they played the music video for it all the time on MTV back in the day (the video consists of Thom York’s head in a “tank” of some sort, slowly being filled with water, and at one point his entire head is submerged and he just stares at the camera, until the water suddenly evacuates and he continues singing the song). That song, and “Karma Police” and “Paranoid Android” were all three classics from that album, and they were a soundtrack to at least a short period of my life (mainly when I was dating my first girlfriend).nnAlso, there were no surprises as far as my daily activities are concerned for the day, either. I read some blog posts, and then Wikipedia for a while, cruised through and watched some BS on YouTube – nothing special. I also turned up/down the thermostat because it was hot in here, and then very cold, and then hot again – so now I have the fan turned ON and the blinds in both rooms open to let in sunlight, warmth, while I have an ice cold pop :PnnTrying to think of things to do with my day, but I suppose this is why I took up the hobby of web dev to begin with: to have something to do! In fact, it IS why I took up the hobby, a productive use of time, lots of fun, lots to learn, neat stuff. nnSoon again. Soon.n

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