I have a full day ahead of me, but sleep is overrated anyhow.nnI feel good, despite all of this morning’s struggles with Jekyll and everything else. Today will be a good day.nnAnd to be honest, I am just more *excited* about the fact that I am on the verge of learning some git stuff (that I have putting off since forever). Progress is being made :)nnCertainly hasn’t felt that way in quite a while. I have been hung up on **Thanx** db stuff for months now, and to be able to do something where headway can be made, it definitely feels good!nnAnd doing an open source project *can* be a big undertaking (I know it is for me, at least), but I welcome the challenges ahead.nnAnd I think I am on the marker to have **Thanx** an open source project by the end of the Winter, too (or I HOPE so). Thing is, once I get the hang of the whole “git bit” (haha), it shouldn’t be too big of an issue to put stuff up on Github and get rolling with it.nnTo see where I am going with it all, [peep my Github](, and hopefully there will be some updates there soon.nnAnd just a quick word (my take) on open source, in general – it is a good thing. To collaborate and “build software (or hardware) together”. To even have the ability to turn the Internet (or many people who *use* the Internet, I should say) into a giant consortium of makers/programmers/developers/engineers and learn from each other while cool shit gets made – it’s brilliant.nnEnough romanticizing for now, I have coffee to drink and an event to get ready for :)nnBack later

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