no point of reference

I woke up a few moments ago, at 5:10 AM.

I started coffee, and realized I needed to clean up the kitchen. So I did just that. I also plugged in my phone and fired up the PDAnet+ app to get the WiFi/data tethered.

I knew I would sit down momentarily, and "check the Web", but I didn't feel rushed or hurried when I was cleaning/making coffee.

Other than 20 mins here and there watching YT videos, I barely use the Internet anymore. Proton Mail, a fast note/reminder on Standard Notes (which is 100% usable offline, as well), 1Feed when there is something new, things like that, that's basically it.

There is so much to "do" online, but most of it I don't "do". Without a social media feed to reference to, there is no "speed" or "pace" of life (online or off). It's just a "check as you need" type of ordeal. Nothing to "miss out" on (a bad thing to get caught up in), and nothing to "keep up with" (maybe that is a new(er) thing? "Fear of Not Keeping Up"?). So everything just goes as I want it to. Which is the most natural/organic way anyone can do anything.

And I want more (more in/from life), and more activity/stimulation, and I am going after that, but some of the time, it is just life at it's own clip.

Just noticing that as I sip coffee


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