The end. That’s all. I used Standard Notes for at *least* two years now. Was the only quasi-reliable note taking app I ever used. As straight forward as I could get. The note taking application world hasn’t changed at all in that time (2 years), in fact, it has gotten even more concentrated, convoluted. Mind maps and research-centric themes, tags and flags and categories, sections, segments, and lists.nnFxxx itnnAs mentioned [in a previous post](, I lost a boatload of what I would consider “critical life notes” in a Standard Notes mishap that was related to the `Command` > `Delete` feature which text editors use. I wrote about it there, if you’re interested. But since that screwed me over, I took to putting everything into Drafts (an Apple-only, proprietary notes app) for the Mac, only to realize that it is NOT as straight forward and dead simple as SN (even though it seems this way on the surface).nnIt just doesn’t matter. I don’t NEED notes so bad that I will shell out $40, $60, $100+ a year in order to have access to stuff I want to keep down. I put nearly everything on a blog, anyway. nnSo, what I will do, is I will keep the *core*, *insanely important* notes that I *have* to have in a TextEdit file (or multiple), which is where they are at right now (as well as backed up on the external SSD), and I will just do things that way. Little reminders, and jots, and ruminations and other stuff can just happen here on **TMO** or I won’t say themnnback later

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