So I’m cruising along the WWW, typing keyboard shortcuts into my browser, or *prompts*, I suppose – just a few letters here and there of what could suit my fancy for that moment. That exact *second* actually (like some neurologically charged, Internet fiend). And I think of (an old gossip blog from back when, that is strangely still in operation), and I cruise a few pages, landing on [this post]( about a “fancy McDonald’s in Maine”.nnPerfect. Weird, and stupid, and out-of-character, and (probably) fairly amusing to read about. nnI click the story, I scroll down a bit, and (like a story I had read on Dlisted a moment before that), it is full of embeds. This time, to TikTok. Before that it was Instagram. True fact; embeds do NOT WORK AT ALL if one does not have an account on those services! I have no Instagram, so the embeds were some “photo” icon, instead. I’m better off, but why include an embed for *anything* that the person has to have an active (and logged in!) account with in order to see? nnHere’s a screenshot of the McDonald’s post (without embeds):nn![]( ridiculous and unprofessional)nnLike, is that what “pro” blogging as devolved into? Just embedding dumb stuff people share on social media? Isn’t social media sort of “anti-blog” in many ways? nnI sort of see it (the “media scenario” the Internet is in right now) as this:nn- WWW comes alive. People start to get online. Media pubs/orgs are not “really there”, yet.nn- people do their thing, have blogs, communicate, become “a thing”nn- media pubs/orgs get “established” online, need some (or all!) of that blog trafficnn- more people turn up to news pubs/orgs sites instead of blogsnn- social media wills itself into existencenn- social media rakes in all of “the people” onlinenn- news pubs/orgs rely on social media platforms to have trafficnn- everyone loses in the end (except those who absolve themselves of trends)nnSo, it is kind of like the guy taking aim at the back of the head, of the guy taking aim at the back of the head of the guy in front of him. nnBut that’s as I see it.nnNevertheless, life goes onnnback soon

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