That's the name of a very good skateboarding documentary (well, just a skate "film" - not a documentary, per se) that has some great songs on it, is very entertaining in it's own delinquent way. Or maybe it is "No Other Way", and I am getting it mixed up with "Never Die Easy", which is a short documentary by The Atlantic about Dag Abbey (probably misspelling that) who is a freestyle skier (who invented the practice, and the term) who is now elderly and lives in an abandoned school bus in the woods of Canada. Both are good.

But the title is relevant in terms of "no easy way" to consolidate anything with Apple Photos - yes, my friend Mike sent me an e-mail detailing the keyboard shortcuts and how to to deal with them, and that is fine, appreciated - but, Right Click > Copy + Right Click > Paste. Like...why isn't that "the" way to do it? I know there is "Import", and I know there are probably half a dozen ways Apple wants me to do things, but it's monotonous - it's Microsoft bullshit - "do it this way because we said" type of babysitting of the end-user. I'm pushing buttons on a GUI, which probably requires a mouse (where that Right Click button happens live - see what I mean? Convenience?) And Apple isn't too thick, it does have a menu pop up when I Right Click, with multiple options - but not Copy/Paste. And the same can be said about Google Docs, as well - I Right Click anything, and a little window pops up saying "here are your shortcuts, man - get with the crowd".


I just prefer doing things the better way, is all. But companies and gonna company :/