11:15 PM, making coffee, will step outside for a late night smoke on the balcony around 1:00 AM. Gonna be a chill, relaxing night, I think. Might get in a lite workout later, too (resistance bands). nnI need to buy brass tacks soon. I am going to have to take down my Hieroymous Bosch poster (in the kitchen) tomorrow in order to hang the new dark forest wall tapestry (in the living room), because those are the only brass tacks I have that I can spare. So as soon as I can, I will buy a new 200-pack of tacks from Dollar Tree and re-hang *The Garden of Earthly Delights* (the Bosch poster) + add a few more tacks to the tapestry, to make sure everything is sturdy.nnScotch tape must be bought, too. So I can hang photos on the cinder block wall (both in the kitchen *and* in the living room), and I will also re-apply tape to the photos on the photos that are already hung, above the easy chair. Of course, I will have to print off more photos from Google Photos before I can do all this, but I will do that soon enough (as it is dirt cheap to have a couple dozen printed at Walgreens).nnSo, the apartment is coming up nicely in terms of decor, making it feel like home :)nnNow, I am having Solani tobacco, hot coffee, enjoying the night, taking it slow :)nnBe back soon

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